Lady Barn House

Lady Barn House School

Founders’ Day

Today we have been celebrating our 144th birthday!

At Easter 1873, our founder, W.H.Herford opened his pioneering ‘Day School for Boys and Girls’. The School was one of the first co-educational schools in the country and one of the first to have a kindergarten. It only attracted  nine pupils.


If W.H.Herford were here today he would be very proud indeed, we now number over 480! Our School is thriving and we are one of England’s top prep schools!

The first Founders’ Day was held in 1908, following the sad passing of W.H.Herford. It was a celebration of his life, held half way through  Michaelmas Term. The headmistress, Miss Beard, addressed the pupils and staff. She spoke of how Herford had made Lady Barn grow and how everyone should be thankful to him for his skill and vision. She was keen to ensure that his high standards were maintained.

In assemblies across the School today, we echoed this message, reminding pupils of how they can contribute to our amazing tradition.

Our tradition is built upon exceptionally high standards, a love of learning and a sense of responsibility and pride. Pride in our appearance, pride in our uniform, pride in our conduct and pride in all that we achieve. All these things contribute to what makes Lady Barn such a great School. An institution where everyone is appreciated and we all work together with a common purpose – enabling every pupil to learn and thrive.

Happy 144th and keep up the good work Lady Barners!

Enjoy your half term holidays.

Mr D Slade

Deputy Headmaster