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LBHS Inspirational Speaker – Katy Adams

On Wednesday 23 November, Junior assembly enjoyed their third Inspirational Speaker this term. Katy Adams, mum of Emma (Yr2) and Daniel (NB), is part of the Early Intervention team at the well-known charity Barnardo’s.

Katy’s current career followed the interesting path of studying for a Modern Languages degree at Cambridge, becoming a Corporate lawyer in London, moving to New York, where she became involved in a children’s charity, and finally, returning to the UK and being offered her current position at Barnardo’s.

Katy’s enthusiasm for her role was obvious and the children were totally absorbed by her story and message. She showed us the latest Barnardo’s powerful TV advert and a short clip about the work she does with the charity. She is involved with trying to improve the attachment (a special type of bond) between parents and children under five; children’s brains grow fastest in the first five years of life and good, responsive parenting is crucial to future development. She also works with older children who have suffered trauma due to experiencing extreme stress .

Our pupils heard about the ‘Five to Thrive’ approach and the 5 ‘blocks’ of Barnardo’s work in this area: Respond/Notice, Cuddle, Relax, Play and Talk. We were all fascinated by Katy’s explanation of how the neurons in the brain work and the positive difference this work is making to the lives of children. Katy advised us to do what we love, to not worry about not knowing what to do in life, to grasp every opportunity, to try volunteering, to be prepared to sacrifice a big salary to do what you love and to realise that life is not all about work. This was a great way to start the day with real life lessons and how satisfying it is to be able to make a difference.

We owe Katy a huge thank you for taking the time to come into school, for making a real difference to our day and, most of all, for inspiring us

Mrs J Flynn – AGT Coordinator

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