Lady Barn House School

Inspirational Speakers – Mr Amit Kumar – Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Thursday, 19th January saw us welcome Mr Amit Kumar (dad of Ayran K 3M) into junior assembly to talk to us about his career as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and a specialist in sarcoma, a rare soft tissue cancer.

We learnt how many years of training were needed to reach the level required for such a position and about some famous doctors who had inspired him along the way such as, Sir Alexander Fleming, Joseph Lister, Anthony Henry Gray and Sir John Charnley.

Mr Kumar talked about the many people in his team who helped him perform an operation and we even got to see a photo of his operating theatre. Mr Kumar’s quiz involved us answering questions about the bones in the body and the healthy (and not so healthy!) foods needed to make them healthy and strong.

Mr Kumar’s passion for his profession was clear to see and he explained that he enjoys helping fix people,stopping pain and making them able to run and walk again; he also enjoys the travel, teaching and continuous learning involved. Once again the children were rapt and asked some super questions.

Mr Kumar ended his talk by explaining why school was so important in so many different ways and gave us these three tips for success: practising, learn two new things every day and be your own ‘best doctor’ by being the best that you can be in anything you do.

What wonderful life lessons for us all and what a great message from our first Inspirational Speaker of 2017! We would like to thank Mr Kumar for taking time out of his very busy schedule to come into school to inspire us.

Mrs J Flynn – AGT Coordinator

If you would like to give something back and come into school to speak to our very attentive children, please get in touch!

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