Lady Barn House School

LBHS Inspirational Speakers: Dr Arora, Mindfulness and Medicine

On Wednesday 22 February, former LBHS pupil, Dr Arora, mum of Oli 3B and Ina 3M, came into junior assembly to speak to us.

Dr Arora is a GP who is a passionate advocate of combining science with a holistic approach to medicine – looking for both physical and emotional issues which could be causing us to feel unwell. She told us how she loves her job because she never knows who is going to walk into her surgery and enjoys helping patients get better.

In order to diagnose the problem, Dr Arora first takes the patient’s history, then examines them and perhaps arranges some tests. If she doesn’t find a physical reason, she has to explore whether there is an emotional issue causing the problem. Here, she stressed the important link between physical and emotional health and how both need to be in balance as one affects the other. She then shared with us her fantastic ‘F List’:

  1. Forget it! Let go of the stress or worry.
  2. Focus on you! Stop, breathe, let your worries float away
  3. Food and fluids – eat healthily, drink lots of water.
  4. Fun! Enjoy your hobbies – read, dance, play Lego, X Box, paint, draw, play

   music – do what makes you happy.

The F List allows us to take responsibility for our own health and leads to self-belief and empowerment; we should learn to love ourselves because we are worth it and do not have to be perfect. After some examples of two patients who had been helped by the F List, the children had time to ask questions. Both children and staff were most impressed by Dr Arora and her invaluable advice. So, whenever you are worried or stressed, get out Dr Arora’s F List and watch your physical and mental health improve! We would like to thank Dr Arora immensely for her invaluable life lessons and for taking the time out of her busy schedule to come into Lady Barn.

Mrs J Flynn  – AGT Coordinator



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