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LBHS Inspirational Speakers – Dr Laasch, Consultant Radiologist

On Wednesday, 5th July, we welcomed Dr Laasch, Ginny’s dad (3J). Dr Laasch is Consultant Radiologist & Head of Interventional Radiology at The Christie hospital and has just recently been made Professor.

With Dr Laasch being German, we said a huge LBHS ‘Guten Morgen!’ and congratulated him on his recent Professorship. We were then treated to what can only be described as a masterclass! Mr Laasch describes himself as ‘a plumber for people’ making a complex and challenging job sound simple – which it obviously isn’t!

Originally wanting to be a vet, he gave up his dream, being allergic to cats. He fascinated the children and staff, passing round stents (£750 each!) for us to examine and explained that things he liked doing as a child – fixing things, looking after animals and solving puzzles translated well into his current medical career – for animals, read people!

We were then treated to an amazing virtual tour of life inside The Christie, meeting his colleagues on film who all said ‘Hello Lady Barn’ much to our delight, going into X-Ray rooms, seeing all the various scanners and even seeing Mr Laasch being positioned on a table ready to go through a CT scanner! Besides seeing a wheelchair stuck to the Magnetic Resonance scanner (incredibly powerful magnet!), we saw a sheep being sheared ready for an ultrasound, the lambs in the womb, and, 6 weeks later, baby lamb, ‘Steve’ being cuddled by Ginny!

Dr Laasch is undoubtedly the Sir David Attenborough of the medical world and definitely needs his own TV programme! We cannot thank him enough for giving up his valuable time and coming into school and sharing with us his passion for life!

If you are inspired to come and speak to our children, please get in touch! The Inspirational Speaker talks are incredibly valuable and enjoyed by all

Mrs J Flynn – AGT Coordinator

*On behalf of the School, we really must sincerely thank Mrs Flynn. Today was her last Inspirational Speaker assembly. She has worked tirelessly to bring such an amazing array of inspirational speakers to our school. Many of these were parents of current pupils, some have been former pupils and others were people from interesting walks of life. There really have been too many to mention here.

The enrichment that these assemblies have brought has proved to be invaluable, informing our pupils of the world outside LBHS and providing pupils with some stunning careers information. And let us not forget the fantastic motivation that our pupils have received over the years! Mrs Flynn, truly inspirational! Perhaps she will return and give an inspirational speech herself!

SCHOOL CLOSURE - Remote learning for our pupils is underway until further notice, however we remain open for pupils of identified key workers. Thank you for your continued support. Admissions information remains available via email to Mrs Lachevre: Stay well, and look after each other. See you soon!