Lady Barn House School

School Aims and Motto

School Aims

To develop every child, to his/her maximum potential in as many areas as possible.

Lady Barn House School is a family-orientated school which promotes Christian values.

Our aims are:-

  • To develop happy, confident, courteous children, encouraging them to be independent and to take responsibility.
  • To encourage our children to show consideration, respect and empathy for the views and cultures of others, creating citizens of the 21st century.
  • To encourage our children to take pride in themselves, their achievements and their school and to instil in them a love of learning.
  • To provide a secure, caring, supportive environment, built on trust and respect, in which each child feels happy and valued.
  • To create a well-resourced, stimulating, creative environment that optimises interactive learning and gives children the confidence to develop in as many areas as possible.
  • To continue to enhance our family atmosphere, fostering relationships and genuine bonds between staff, pupils, parents and directors.
  • To forge meaningful links with the local and wider community.

School Motto

Be yourself, but be your best self.