Lady Barn House School

PE & Games

Mens sana in corpore sano

A healthy mind in a healthy body


The Physical Education Curriculum is a vital component of the total educational process offered at Lady Barn House School. The areas of study provide a framework in which the pupil can develop physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. Through our Physical Education experiences, the children have the opportunity to gain knowledge, enhance personal fitness, and to acquire skills which promote a healthy lifestyle.

Physical Education at the school encompasses a broad range of activities allowing the pupils to participate and experience new challenges. A clear pathway from the Early Years to the end of Key Stage Two, enriches the learning and confidence of every child.

Early Years

During the Early Years (3 -5), pupils undertake lessons in Gymnastics, Games Activities and Athletics. The syllabus is designed to inspire young children to express themselves, through energy and high levels of creativity.


The Infants (5-7) develop the skill of hand-eye co-ordination as well as an understanding of personal health and fitness. Gymnastic techniques are extended and tactical approaches are explored through Striking and Fielding games. Athletics is progressed in the Summer Term, in preparation for their Sports Day.


The Juniors (7-11) are exposed to a variety of activities which enhance their agility, balance and coordination. Theses vital components allow children to develop into competent athletes who can sustain activity. When performing, the students are encouraged to make decisions and reflect on the outcomes. Children are guided to plan and to explore alternatives to achieve success. Gymnastics, Games Activities, Health Related Fitness, Striking and Fielding Games and Athletics are the activities which extend, challenge and affect learning in every child.


Every child from Year 3 to Year 6 attends swimming lessons for half of the school year.  A short journey to the local swimming pool allows the children to be instructed by a member of the sports department and three qualified teachers from Swim Stockport. The pupils are assessed and placed into groups to focus on their swimming technique and water confidence. The lessons take place on a Monday and a Tuesday afternoons. As a progression, selected pupils participate in competitive swimming events and the annual Lady Barn House School swimming gala.

Other sports

There are several other sports contained within the Physical Education curriculum which are part of the Games Activities module. These are Badminton, Basketball, Handball, Table Tennis, Unihoc and Volleyball. Within the Striking and Fielding module, the pupils play Danish Longball, Kwik Cricket, Rounders and Softball.

Record of achievement

Every Year Six pupil will leave Lady Barn House School with a personal Record of Achievement in sport. This highlights their sporting contribution to the school and has a detailed account of their representation in a range of sports.

Boys & Girls Games

Sport and physical activity are integral to the development of the children at Lady Barn House School. Pupils are encouraged to play with enthusiasm and endeavour. We aim to raise the self esteem of every pupil, promoting enjoyment, commitment, team spirit and the ability to accept their part in victory and defeat. Boys and girls Games lessons begin at Year Two.

Supportive & progressive

The pupils are placed in a teaching environment which is supportive and progressive. They play major team sports such as netball, hockey,rounders,football, tag rugby and cricket. The emphasis is placed upon participation and the children gain immensely from the structured activities that they are involved in. We aim to instil the highest standards of sporting conduct on and off the games field.

Inter-house competitions

Pupils relish the opportunity to participate in the school inter-house programme. The fixtures take place in their games lessons and are eagerly anticipated. The inter-house competitions take place untenable, hockey, rounders, football, cross-country, tag rugby, swimming, cricket and athletics on sports day. All the pupils take great pride in representing their house.

Late Games

Pupils are encouraged to attend our after school programme of sporting activities. Generally these take place after school on Monday’s to Thursday evenings. The focus is very much on playing the game and every pupil is welcome to join in the fun.


Lady Barn House School provides an enviable range of fixtures, these start from as early as Year One through to Year Six. We organise local and regional tournaments and take part in competitive cup fixtures. We play friendly fixtures that incorporate the whole year group and organise several internal challenge fixtures for boys who have regularly attended late games but who have yet to represent the school.

ISA competitions

We are members of the Independent Schools Association (ISA) and participate in all their regional competitions. Some of our pupils earn the opportunity to compete at a national level for the ISA North of England team.

Year Six Sports Tours

  • Autumn
    Lincoln Netball Tour
    York Football Tour
  • Summer
    Llandudno Rounders Tour
    Kent Cricket Tour


We aim to extend the skills of the boys through extra practice at lunch times. The junior children are invited to attend activities which focus on, football skills & goalkeeping, cricket skills & wicket keeping.

Facilities & resources

The pupils benefit enormously from our excellent facilities. In addition to this we have equipment that is modern and regularly replenished.

  • Flood-lit, Astro-Turf Games Field
  • Gymnasium
  • Grass games field
  • Use of Bruntwood Park (cross-country running)
  • Use of Cheadle Swimming Pool (swimming lessons & gala)
  • Boys changing room with showers


From time to time we invite outside agencies to assist with the delivery of our sports programme. This is designed to support the high level of teaching and coaching that is delivered across the school. We have also established links to provide opportunities for our talented sporting pupils to play in a club setting or at a higher level. In the case of Cheadle Cricket Club we have established a mutually beneficial relationship where we have use their high class cricket facilities.

Mr A Pietkiewicz – Head of PE/Games

Mrs J Massam – Girls’ Games Co-ordinator

We have now re-opened our doors to all year groups, whilst continuing to provide remote learning alongside our in-school provision. Thank you to our pupils, parents and staff for their support during this unprecedented time. We are still welcoming Admissions enquiries for September 2020 and beyond, via email to Mrs Lachevre: or telephone 0161 359 7241.