Lady Barn House School


“The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers

but the one who asks the right questions.”


Science at Lady Barn is presented in practical and relevant contexts designed to arouse natural curiosity and create independent learners and thinkers. Each year, pupils cover a minimum of six focused units of work which aim to progressively develop knowledge, understanding and skills. Some topic areas are revisited enabling pupils’ learning to be revised, consolidated and extended. We combine the ‘Star Science’ scheme of work with other published schemes and specialist teachers are able to use their own ideas for activities gathered from courses and training.

Practical investigation

There is a strong emphasis on practical investigation as we believe that actually doing and experiencing Science enables the discovery of scientific concepts far better than reading about them in a book. Children are encouraged to plan investigations, observe and measure results and record, present and interpret their findings. Through discussion and open ended questioning pupils are encouraged to think about scientific concepts and to practise the vocabulary and language of Science. Whole class, group or individual investigations allow pupils to be challenged at an appropriate level and actively engage a child with the process of Science.

Specialist teachers & facilities

A designated Science room at Lady Barn enables the display of stimulating artifacts, pupils’ work, photographs and challenges. Teachers use the local environment and other places of scientific interest to provide additional resources and ideas which can be followed up in class. Links with the outside world are further developed through the use of guest speakers, parents and members of the community with areas of expertise.

Harnessing natural curiosity

Children are born curious about the world around them and from an early age have asked, ‘Why?’ In Science, we aim to nurture and harness that natural curiosity.

Developing critical thinking skills

Science at Lady Barn is fun, exciting, relevant and challenging. The practical, hands on approach captures pupils’ interest, stimulates lively discussion and develops critical thinking skills. Pupils are encouraged to understand the importance of Science in their future as citizens, living and working in an ever more scientific and technological environment.

Miss S Braidford – Head of Science

We have now re-opened our doors to all year groups, whilst continuing to provide remote learning alongside our in-school provision. Thank you to our pupils, parents and staff for their support during this unprecedented time. We are still welcoming Admissions enquiries for September 2020 and beyond, via email to Mrs Lachevre: or telephone 0161 359 7241.