Lady Barn House School

Upper Juniors

The Upper Junior Department (Years Five & Six) is an exciting and vibrant place where children and teachers share a love of learning. The achievements and aspirations of all the children are placed at the centre of everything we plan and do.

Fulfilling & exciting lessons

Teachers continually strive to improve the experience of children here, which we believe is fulfilling and exciting. Naturally, children are prepared thoroughly for the move to senior schools by being given greater independence within a caring and supportive environment.

Passionate teachers

Our departmental team consists of a hugely committed and skilled team of teachers. We are fortunate to have teachers with a passion for teaching children and their subjects. There are six form teachers who lead children in Years Five and Six. They deliver the Mathematics, English and take care of each child’s pastoral needs.

Caring approach

There is a great focus on the pastoral side of school life as each teacher is concerned to ensure that every child receives the care and attention that he or she deserves. We believe that the presence of a warm and caring relationship between children and teachers is crucial to the future success of the children. As a result, teachers in the department stay with a class for two years. They are able to impart their experience and skill in preparing children for the senior school entrance exams and in providing them with an experience that our pupils look back on with great happiness. We are delighted that so many former pupils return to visit the teachers in the department to say how much they enjoyed their time here.

Focus upon Mathematics & English

Classes are organised on a mixed ability basis and children are taught according to their individual needs. Each class has a double period of both English and Maths most days, which is delivered by the form teacher. The school believes that children should be enabled to achieve a good grounding in these core subjects, in addition to gaining the benefits of a broad and balanced curriculum. We offer extra support for those who are able, gifted and talented and those children who need reinforcement of certain concepts.

Dynamic teaching methods

Lessons will involve more able children being stretched by high level questioning and discussion or open-ended tasks and extension work. Teachers regularly plan programmes of study collaboratively and frequently discuss the learning experiences that children receive. We work hard to help children prepare for the transition to senior school and to help them become more independent. In the second half of the year, children enjoy participating in modules, a series of lessons that are based on learning outside of the normal curriculum. In recent years the modules have involved website design, German and a mini-enterprise project. The children have used the opportunity to further develop their skills in teamwork and independent learning. Throughout the modula programme, we guide and closely monitor their progress.

Close monitoring of progress

We have established systems for closely monitoring and assessing children’s progress, which are continually being developed. We all endeavour to improve the experience for the pupils in the Upper Juniors. All the teachers enjoy celebrating the progress of the children. The regular merit assemblies give us the opportunity to award certificates to the children and talk about their achievements. Parents are invited and enjoy seeing such a special moment in the child’s development.

Exciting trips & visitors

There are many exciting moments and experiences to savour in the final two years at Lady Barn. Children have the opportunity to visit France, the South Coast of England and the Lake District on residential visits. They relish having the opportunity to become a prefect and play an important part in the running of the school. We have links with a school in Finland to help children learn about the wider world. Children enjoy a great variety of experiences from dressing up for World Book Day to sharing time with our Kindergarten children in shared reading sessions. They participate in the Festival of Languages and group drama sessions with The Young Shakespeare Company.

Extra-curricular activities

There are many clubs and activities that teachers run for the children, which is testament to the enthusiasm of the children and the commitment and drive of the staff here. It’s a warm welcoming place and we look forward to meeting you and seeing your child here.

Year Five and Six Recommended Books

Mrs A Bruce – Head of Upper Juniors

We have now re-opened our doors to all year groups, whilst continuing to provide remote learning alongside our in-school provision. Thank you to our pupils, parents and staff for their support during this unprecedented time. We are still welcoming Admissions enquiries for September 2020 and beyond, via email to Mrs Lachevre: or telephone 0161 359 7241.