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Woodland School at Lady Barn

Think you know what a Woodland School looks like?

Just wait until you see ours!

We have our very own Woodland School on the premises, which incorporates an outdoor classroom, welly-washing facilities, camp fire, vegetable patches, willow walkway, mud kitchen and a beautiful stream-side walk through mature woodland, with wood carvings to spot along the route.

The benefits of outdoor learning are huge, and bring another element to our educational provision here at Lady Barn. 

We believe that Woodland School sessions encourage children to learn through play; whether climbing trees, painting with their hands or throwing stones into a stream, we want children to enjoy life and all the experiences it brings; children can not only enhance their independent thinking skills and be fully immersed in their learning, but also learn to take risks and try new things. 

Learning outside is also associated with reducing stress levels, building teamwork and social skills and developing those invaluable critical thinking skills which children need to develop as they grow. 

Woodland School activities might include welly walks, river paddling, foraging for blackberries, making artwork out of natural resources, mud creations, identifying wildlife, growing plants and cooking on a campfire. We even have children wanting to take spiders home! The possibilities are endless and support the curriculum across the School.