Mythbusters (1)

Lady Barn Mythbusters!

When considering a school for your child, having current and accurate information is crucial.

Nothing beats sourcing the information directly from the people who live and breathe Lady Barn House School on a daily basis.

So, we encourage you to put any preconceptions to one side, and approach this section with a clear head. You might just be surprised! However, we don't just want you to take our word for it; arrange to visit us and see us in action for yourself!

We are confident that you will feel the warmth of our pupils and staff as soon as you step over the threshold; you'll be bowled over by the curriculum and additional opportunities we can offer your child at Lady Barn House School too.

Time to look at Lady Barn? #LBHSmythbusters

Mythbuster - "If you didn't apply when your child was a newborn, it's too late!"

There's no denying, Lady Barn House School is a popular choice.

But don't let that rumour deter you from enquiring and applying in the first place - it's more than likely that you are in good time.

Due to demand, we recently expanded our provision to create more spaces for the pre-school Nursery, which then feeds into the three classes per year group in the main school.

We warmly encourage you to apply early wherever possible, but so long as you set the ball rolling around a year in advance of your child's proposed admission date, you stand a good chance of securing a place in the Nursery. Please be aware that we can only accept an application once a child has been born.

Get in touch, and then pass on the good news! #LBHSmythbusters

Mythbuster - "Lady Barn is an academic hothouse"

Arrange your visit to Lady Barn, and you'll soon see that we are more of a  'greenhouse' than a 'hothouse'!

The seeds of learning are planted in the formative years at Lady Barn, and our children grow and flourish in a nurturing and protected environment. The children build on their knowledge year upon year so that, by Prep 6, they are geared up and ready for the next step. So, there's definitely no sweltering heat or pressure, just a gentle and constant feeling of warmth and support!

We encourage every child to be their best self, but we understand that children are unique and will learn at their own pace, and in different ways too. That's why, in addition to the main curriculum, we provide enhancement groups to offer support and boost confidence, and extension work to provide challenge. This keeps each and every child motivated and ensures that they feel a sense of personal achievement all the way along their Lady Barn journey.

The Lady Barn journey from Nursery and Reception lays the foundations for our children's academic successes in Prep 6. As the children progress through the school, they build upon their learning through a mix of traditional and more contemporary approaches, so that the senior school exams are more of a natural 'next step' rather than a 'big deal'!  

Spread the word; no hothouse here, our children are happy and blossoming! #LBHSmythbusters

Mythbuster - "Lady Barn is too far away for us"

We might be closer than you think!

Lady Barn is located just metres from the A34 bypass and close to the M60 and Manchester Airport Eastern Link.

To help you with your onward commute, we provide FREE morning care for our children from 07:45 and FREE after school care until 16:15 (chargeable from 16:15 to 18:00).

Town miles to lady barn approx journey time
Alderley Edge 7 15 minutes
Altrincham 7 22 minutes
Davenport 4 12 minutes
Didsbury 3.5 11 minutes
Hale 9 20 minutes
Hazel Grove 4 14 minutes
Heaton Moor 5 12 minutes
Poynton 6 13 minutes
Prestbury 10 20 minutes
Sale 7 15 minutes
Timperley 6 18 minutes
Wilmslow 5 12 minutes
Woodford 4.5 12 minutes

(Average distance and approximate commute)

Not as bad as you thought? 87% of our pupils have a daily commute of up to 20 minutes to school #LBHSmythbusters

Mythbuster - "It's all just old-school Maths and English at Lady Barn"

Did you know that our five year-olds learn to speak Mandarin?

Lady Barn is a school which is proud of its heritage and history, but is ambitious for its future. Forward thinking in our approach to learning, our curriculum is regularly reviewed to ensure we offer something for everyone during their time here. We encourage children to engage in all aspects of school life via our 150th Award scheme and have a strong emphasis on the importance of the great outdoors and other experiences to enhance classroom-based learning. Our specialist teachers help our children to discover new passions and talents through delivery of inspiring lessons within purpose-built facilities.

  • Subject specialists for Art, Computing, Languages, Music, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Science
  • On-site Woodland School and Outdoor Classroom, with timetabled lessons for all
  • Visiting theatre groups and inspirational speakers
  • Day trips from Nursery
  • Residential trips from Prep 2
  • Overseas trip in Prep 6
  • Year group Performing Arts productions
  • Prep 6 post-exam modules
  • 40+ extra-curricular clubs

Something for everyone at Lady Barn! #LBHSmythbusters

Mythbuster - "Lady Barn prepares my child for other schools before Prep 6"

Lady Barn House School offers the full prep school experience for 3- to 11-year olds and we have absolute confidence in our pupil journey from Nursery to Prep 6. 

After all, we have been doing this for 150 years!

We offer unrivalled academic and pastoral provision at Lady Barn House School, which culminates in personal growth and success at the end of Prep 6. As such, whilst we will guide and support families considering moving on early, we do not specifically prepare pupils for external exams prior to the senior school entrance exams. We warmly encourage all of our pupils to walk the full Lady Barn path, to truly benefit from all that we have to offer. 

We are very proud to be a standalone prep school and are fully committed to teaching children between the ages of 3 and 11. All of our form teachers, teaching assistants and subject specialists have a sole focus on the prep school journey, and our facilities are specifically designed with this age group in mind.

Our pupils gain confidence and independence year on year, helped by the familiarity of our school environment and school staff, whilst gaining responsibility as they progress through the school. The Prep 6 children have the opportunity to be the 'big fish' in our relatively 'small pond', something only a prep school like ours can offer.

Our educational provision is ultimately geared towards the children moving onto secondary school, whether that be into the state, grammar or independent sector, and our formula works; our pupils leave us as happy, considerate and engaged 11-year olds when the time comes.

In addition, the Lady Barn community is strong, and our door is always open for our parents to come in and talk to us about any concerns. We often hear how much our parents miss that level of support once their children have moved on, so we do encourage you to stay with us for as long as you are able!

A full prep school experience gives pupils the space to grow and develop in a nurturing and familiar environment. Share it! #LBHSmythbusters

Mythbuster - "Lady Barn is more expensive"

We continually research and re-evaluate our fee structure to ensure that Lady Barn's fees remain competitive within the marketplace.

  • FREE morning care from 07:45 and FREE after school care until 16:15 (chargeable thereafter)
  • 15-hour (full and part-time) and 30-hour (full-time only) Early Years funding accepted
  • Day trips incorporated within the fees
  • Individual iPads for children in Prep 1 and upwards
  • 150th Scholarship Award (non means-tested) open to Prep 3 entry applicants
  • Bursary (means-tested) places available from Prep 3
  • A competitively priced, school-managed, holiday club on the premises

Lady Barn House School offers excellent value for money and some free wraparound care at the beginning and end of the day. #LBHSmythbusters