Science at Lady Barn

Lady Barn offers a unique opportunity for younger children to receive science lessons from a specialist teacher in a purpose-built laboratory.

New for this year has been the introduction of specialist teaching for Prep 2. Embracing the fabulous Woodland School provision in school, delivery has been a hybrid of woodland and laboratory-based sessions. Children have enjoyed making boats, miniature houses and artwork inspired by Andy Goldsworthy, as they have explored the Everyday Materials topic. 

Lower Juniors have tried their hand at different practical techniques, such as testing foods for starch, and putting eggs in vinegar, coke and coffee, to mimic the effects of sugar and acid on our teeth. Prep 4 also took on the challenging task of tasting hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream as they explored solids, liquids and gases – definitely one of the more popular lessons! 

Upper Juniors are well on their way to developing the more advanced skills that will set the sure foundations required for their senior school experience. Investigative experiments have featured prominently along with a heart dissection for Prep 6, which was performed with a high level of expertise and curiosity.