LBHS 232

Pupil Wellbeing

Lady Barn provides a warm, caring and supportive family environment in which our aim is to take care of every individual child and to nurture their confidence and self esteem.

We know that learning can only be successful when a child feels happy and secure.

Our friendly form teachers work closely with our pupils and parents, answering questions, dealing with concerns or providing information, guidance and support. They  are ably supported by the department head and the Deputy Head (Pupil & Pastoral).

We have a school nurse to monitor and care for the general health of our pupils and we also have a significant number of staff who are paediatric first aiders and mental health first aiders.

The well-being of each and every child is our number one priority. It is through careful nurturing that we gradually help each child to develop, to prepare them for future ahead.




Form time and an effective programme of PSHEE give the form teacher the opportunity to build close relationships with the children in their class.

Our PSHEE provision includes dedicated weekly lessons, led by Form Teachers using the Jigsaw scheme of work, but goes beyond that to whole school campaigns and themed assemblies. We always consider the current needs of our children and during the period of remote learning we put together a tailored scheme of work for the children, prioritising mental health and mindfulness.


Relationships Education, Health Education & Relationships & Sex Education

At Lady Barn, we follow the most up to date statutory guidance on delivering age-appropriate Relationships, Health and Sex Education. Through consultation with parents, we have developed a progressive, yet balanced, curriculum which reflects best practice and meets our pupils' needs, empowering them to be knowledgeable, self-confident, respectful and safe. 

The Relationships, Health and Sex Education policy is reviewed and updated annually and is published at all times on this website, on the School Policies page under 'Information and News'.

Religious Education & Understanding

At Lady Barn, we base our teaching and learning style in RE on the key principle that good teaching allows children both to learn about religious traditions and to reflect on what the religious ideas and concepts mean to them.

Children are taught to respect each other’s opinions and to value the School’s multi-denominational and multi-cultural dimension. Knowledge and understanding of all faiths and beliefs is fundamental to the Lady Barn ethos.

Throughout the School, children gain an insight into five of the world’s major religions, namely Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Islam. The pupils are encouraged to share their own religious practices with the rest of their class and much of the teaching is carried out through the lively exchange of information and debate, interspersed with outside speakers and visitors to school.