Lady Barn House School

May 2016

  1. Sport for Schools Day – Katrina Hart – GB Paralympian Athlete

    Today we were privileged to have a visit from Katrina Hart  – GB Paralympian athlete. The visit was kindly organised by Mrs Beer, as part of the Lower Junior Olympic theme week.

    Katrina organised a fun sports circuit for every pupil and even the staff. Everyone enjoyed themselves, worked really hard and most importantly had fun!

    To finish a great morning, Katrina delivered an inspirational assembly. She highlighted what inspired her and how she has overcome her life challenges. Her message to Lady Barn was ‘Enjoy sport and never let anyone stop you from achieving your dreams. Be your best at everything you do’.

  2. Upper Junior – South Coast Trip

    This morning our Upper Junior pupils and staff departed on their exciting trip to the south coast of England. As you will be aware, Year Five and Six both have amazing itineraries which they will follow each day.

    Day one takes Year Five to Bath and the fascinating Roman Baths, whilst Year Six will experience the splendour of Blenheim Palace.

    At the end of day both groups will return to our plush base at the prestigious Sandbanks Hotel. Following dinner the evenings activities of fun and games will take place on the adjoining beautiful beach.

    Follow the trip on Twitter – @ladybarnhouse

  3. Year Three Viking Day – Living History

    Lower Junior - Viking Day

    Lower Junior – Viking Day

    This week Year Three enjoyed experiencing living history – a real life Viking arrived at Schools Hill! The children listened intently to his stories about how his people lived, explored, traded and fought.

    The pupils marvelled at lots of fascinating artefacts and discovered how they were used and what they were made of. Everyone dressed like authentic  Viking folk.

    During the afternoon Year Three enjoyed taking part in Viking themed activities – such as clay pot making, Viking warrior training, making and playing Viking board games and drawing their favourite artefacts.




  4. Eco Code Competition- Winner

    imageCongratulations to Na’ilah in Year Three for winning the Lady Barn Eco Code Competition. A bright, artistic poster with an eco-friendly message for us all to follow in the future!

    Well done to everyone who entered the competition and to all the pupils who are involved with the Eco Council, keep up the good work!

  5. School Council – Charity Fundraiser

    School Council Meeting - 2015/16

    School Council Meeting – 2015/16

    As you will be aware, our amazing School Council have decided that they would like to hold a fundraising day where the proceeds go to charities nominated by the pupils. I’m sure that you would agree that it is important for us to listen to our pupils ideas and act upon their requests.

    So, on Friday, 13th May we will be holding a special non-uniform day. Pupils can wear clothing of their choice – as long as they are smart, sensible and comfortable. In exchange for this we are asking for a £2 charitable donation.

    The School Council have democratically voted and they would like to donate the proceeds to two local charities – the Christie Hospital and Francis House.

    Thank you, in advance, for your continued support, kindness and generosity.

  6. LBHS Inspirational Speakers – Melissa Porter – TV Presenter


    On Wednesday, 11th May, we had a real treat as we welcomed Melissa Porter (mum of Pierce KH) into junior assembly. Melissa was instantly recognised by the children as a TV presenter, but as Melissa explained, she is not only involved in making programmes and commercials for TV, but is also a life coach.

    She told the children about her values and the importance of having a dream and pursuing it, even when others do not always share your vision. She was passionate about conveying her belief that life should be as much fun as you can make it and trying for a career which reflects your real passion.

    She told her personal story of overcoming bullying and shyness as a child and the nerves she can still feel, even today, when performing or speaking to an audience. The children were fascinated and, as always, had lots of questions: she told us she is inspired by her young son and never gave up on following her dream of being involved in the media; she told us that the disadvantage of her job are the early morning starts, sometimes at 5am, and the boredom you can experience on set; she even told us that celebrities she knew included, Matt Baker, Simon Cowell (the children were impressed), and even George Clooney (the staff were impressed!).

    Melissa started our day on such an energetic and positive note and we wish to thank her for giving up her valuable time to come into Lady Barn to talk to us.

    Mrs J Flynn – AGT Coordinator

  7. ISA National Enterprise Week Award 2016

    ISA Enterprise Week Competition 2016

    ISA Enterprise Week Competition 2016

    ‘Tell us how your school is encouraging enterprise and innovation! #ISAEW2016. Tweet in no more than 300 characters’. So read the tweet from the Independent Schools Association in March earlier this year, inviting entries to their national Enterprise Week competition. Our Inspirational Speakers’ Programme does exactly that, being an innovative and enterprising programme, bringing a wide variety of speakers into school, from all walks of life, all pursuing many different careers. Once a month, our Junior School pupils are treated to a hugely engaging talk from ‘real’ people in ‘real’ jobs, who share their stories with their rapt audience. Many of our generous visitors reveal their failures as well as their successes and often how they have changed careers along the way. Their inspiring stories teach our children valuable life-lessons and their contribution to their broader education cannot be overstated. Many of our speakers are Lady Barn parents or ex LBHS pupils, giving something back, simply by telling their stories. Consequently, the children genuinely love these special assemblies and always have lots of questions at the ready. We would therefore like to say a heartfelt thank you to all our Inspirational Speakers over the last three years for helping us win yet another national ISA competition, but, far more importantly, for making such a vital contribution to the innovative and enterprising education provided for our pupils here at Lady Barn.

    Mrs Flynn – AGT Coordinator

    Huge credit must go to Mrs Flynn, AGT Co-ordinator, for her passion and drive in this area. I cannot thank her enough for her consistent hard work, commitment and enthusiasm. A tremendous achievement!

    Mrs Marsh – Headmistress

    If you feel that you would like to contribute by coming into school to share your story, be it your career, passion or hobby, please contact Mrs Flynn at the following AGT school email address, as we are now ‘recruiting’ for 2016/2017

We have now re-opened our doors to all year groups, whilst continuing to provide remote learning alongside our in-school provision. Thank you to our pupils, parents and staff for their support during this unprecedented time. We are still welcoming Admissions enquiries for September 2020 and beyond, via email to Mrs Lachevre: or telephone 0161 359 7241.