Lady Barn House School

Oct 2016

  1. Founders’ Day

    Today we have been celebrating our 144th birthday!

    At Easter 1873, our founder, W.H.Herford opened his pioneering ‘Day School for Boys and Girls’. The School was one of the first co-educational schools in the country and one of the first to have a kindergarten. It only attracted  nine pupils.


    If W.H.Herford were here today he would be very proud indeed, we now number over 480! Our School is thriving and we are one of England’s top prep schools!

    The first Founders’ Day was held in 1908, following the sad passing of W.H.Herford. It was a celebration of his life, held half way through  Michaelmas Term. The headmistress, Miss Beard, addressed the pupils and staff. She spoke of how Herford had made Lady Barn grow and how everyone should be thankful to him for his skill and vision. She was keen to ensure that his high standards were maintained.

    In assemblies across the School today, we echoed this message, reminding pupils of how they can contribute to our amazing tradition.

    Our tradition is built upon exceptionally high standards, a love of learning and a sense of responsibility and pride. Pride in our appearance, pride in our uniform, pride in our conduct and pride in all that we achieve. All these things contribute to what makes Lady Barn such a great School. An institution where everyone is appreciated and we all work together with a common purpose – enabling every pupil to learn and thrive.

    Happy 144th and keep up the good work Lady Barners!

    Enjoy your half term holidays.

    Mr D Slade

    Deputy Headmaster

  2. Inspirational Speaker – Mrs Chapman – Stage Manager

    Tuesday, 18th October saw this year’s first inspirational speaker take the floor in junior assembly. It was with great pleasure that we welcomed Mrs Sara Chapman, mum of Jess in 4Y.

    Mrs Chapman explained to the children that she had left school and gone to university originally wanting to act, but changed her mind and decided to become a stage-manager. She likened stage-management to doing a jigsaw puzzle or treasure hunt, and as lots of children raised their hand to agree that they loved doing puzzles such as jigsaws, we might well have a future supply of excellent stage-managers here at Lady Barn!

    Mrs Chapman’s message to do what you enjoy, try out lots of different hobbies and school clubs and read as much as possible was music to our ears. Mrs Chapman explained that she had loved books and bringing the pictures they conjure up to life is exactly what being a stage-manager entails.

    The children were rapt and particularly impressed when she told them that the first actor she had worked with was Alan Rickman, aka Severus Snape of Harry Potter fame.

    Mrs Chapman encouraged the children to work hard at school as education allows you lots of opportunities in life, but also to not be afraid of going down different paths to eventually find a career which they enjoy and love.

    We would like to thank Mrs Chapman for getting our Inspirational Speakers’ Programme off to such an inspiring start and giving up her valuable time to come into school.

    Mrs J Flynn – AGT Coordinator

  3. Year Six Netball Tour

    Well done to our Year Six netball tourists who had an amazing time experiencing tournament netball and lots of other special treats! The A-team did exceptionally well finishing 2nd in the ISA organised tournament – an amazing achievement! The girls had the privilege to listen to and meet, England netballer, Stacey Francis.

    Well done to all the girls and thank you to Miss Critchley and Mrs Prendergast for supervising the girls and organising such a fantastic tour.

  4. Inclusive Football

    In the space of two days, the Year Five boys have been involved in eight competitive football fixtures. To provide an inclusive experience is so rewarding as the pupils thoroughly enjoy the total match day experience. This can only be achieved with our dedicated staff and good relationships with other independent schools.

    The first half term has delivered nine fully inclusive football fixtures for the boys in Years Three to Six. It has been a very exciting few weeks and we will endeavour to generate as many future opportunities as we can.

    Mr Pietkiewicz – Head of PE & Boys’ Games

  5. Year One – Punch & Judy Visit

    Punch and Judy recently visited Lady Barn to entertain our Year One pupils. The visit was linked to a history topic that focuses on the seaside. The pupils  loved their experience!

     img_2967  img_2968

  6. Author Visit – Rob Biddulph

    On Friday afternoon Infant pupils were treated to a fun packed and creative afternoon with, author and illustrator, Rob Biddulph. Rob entertained the children with funny extracts from his hugely popular books and he gave a masterclass in how he illustrates his own stories. A very talented and inspiring gentleman!

    Thank you to Simply Books, of Bramhall, who arranged the visit.

  7. Lady Barn Harvest Festival

    Thank you to our amazing community for their incredible generosity. This year we collected a record 1633kg of goods!

    The harvest festival is no longer simply a quaint annual school service, but the chance to make a real difference according to Urban Outreach Chief Executive Officer David Bagley.

    The organiser of the Bolton Charity’s food distribution programme, was collecting what is their single biggest annual donation, over 1600 kilograms of goods loaded on to 15 pallets from Lady Barn House School in Cheadle.
    David told a full school assembly: “This is our bread and butter. We are very busy during the summer and this year provided 4,400 lunches for children who would normally be guaranteed at least one good meal a day through the free school meals programme and now going into winter we desperately need to replace our stocks, that is why harvest is such a vital time for us and school harvest festivals are quite frankly a life line for those in need and that number is growing year on year. Collections like this are our bread and butter.”
    David added: “Some children dream of being footballers, others just dream of having something to eat. I cannot thank Lady Barn House School enough because you are dream makers, enabling children just like yourselves to enjoy a regular decent meal.”
    David added: “Lady Barn has been our single biggest harvest benefactor in each of the last 18 years and they make a real difference. We collect from around 120 schools at harvest time, mainly from around Bolton. We give out at least 300 bags of food every week to the homeless and those in need and I’m afraid demand is only getting greater.”
    “This is my opportunity to say a big thank you on behalf of all those people you never see but are very grateful for a good meal on a regular basis.”
    Lady Barn House School Headmaster Mark Turner, who is pictured at the back with David and pupils Gabriella and Cosmin, said: “An essential part of Lady Barn’s ethos is to offer caring support to those less fortunate and to be conscious of our community’s needs and not just our own. I am proud of the continuing generosity of all our parents and pupils. This is a very special cause and we are glad we can be of some assistance.”

We have now re-opened our doors to all year groups, whilst continuing to provide remote learning alongside our in-school provision. Thank you to our pupils, parents and staff for their support during this unprecedented time. We are still welcoming Admissions enquiries for September 2020 and beyond, via email to Mrs Lachevre: or telephone 0161 359 7241.