Lady Barn House School

Feb 2017

  1. LBHS Inspirational Speaker – Helen Musselwhite, Designer & Illustrator

    Thursday, 24th February saw us welcome artist Helen Musselwhite to LBHS to talk about her job as an illustrator.

    Helen has been a designer and illustrator for many years and now specialises in paper engineering, working mostly from her studio at her home. We were lucky enough to see a great selection of Helen’s published designs which varied from book covers, magazine pieces to shop window displays.

    Helen showed us the behind the scene stages on an illustrator’s working methods, from initial drawings and sketches for presenting different designs, ideas and colour ways for clients all over the world, to her final designs being printed in books and magazines. Just when we thought Helen’s work could not get any better, she introduced us to her infamous Christmas stamp designs that were published by The Royal Mail in 2016.

    Helen showed how she created her stamp designs by hand. She combines hand cut layers of coloured papers and very strong graphics, always documenting the process, which gave us a clear understanding how her work developed and evolved over time. We learnt how stamps are created on a large scale then photographed and reduced to the perfect stamp size before being sold throughout the country. Helen’s colourful and cheerful designs certainly brought a smile to all of our faces! Unbeknown to us, all of our paths have probably crossed with her work as Helen is also one of the first artists to work with clients such as McDonalds, Nokia and Audi.

    We would like to thank Helen for taking the time to visit us as well as opening our minds to different ways of looking at art in our environment!

    Miss Fitzsimons – Head of Art & Design Technology.

  2. Lower Junior Cross Country Competition

    A wet February afternoon at Bruntwood Park was the setting, as the Lower Juniors participated in the LBHS team cross country event. Teams of six ran the course and their final total of points would establish which school would win. There were four races and the effort and endeavour of all the participants was hugely admirable. Well done to all the LBHS runners.


    Year Three Girls

    1st LBHS 24
    2nd Withington 77
    3rd OHGS

    Year Three Boys

    1st APS 42
    2nd LBHS 77
    3rd MGS 94
    4th OHGS

    Year Four Girls

    1st Withington 60
    2nd OHGS 61
    3rd LBHS

    Year Four Boys

    1st LBHS 35
    2nd APS 61
    3rd MGS 122
    4th OHGS

    Mr Pietkiewicz – Head of PE & Boys’ Games

  3. North West Quiz Club Winners!

    On Friday, 24th February Lady Barn hosted the north west heat of the Quiz Club championship. We welcomed teams from Greenbank School, Bolton School, The Ryleys and Altrincham Prep School.

    The Gymnasium was a hive of intellectual activity as 10 teams of 4 pupils from years three to six battled it out for a place in the prestigious semi final. Each team had a representative from year 3, 4, 5 and 6.

    The questions were very challenging and I’m sure the supporting parents were very impressed by the depth of knowledge of all the teams.

    The quiz was closely fought, but it was Lady Barn team 1 & 2 who claimed the 1st and 2nd places, the first time that we have achieved this feat.



    Well done to all the participants, thank you to all the parent supporters and a special thank you to everyone who contributed to organising the event – caretakers, catering staff and particularly Mr Robson – who selected and prepared the team.

    We look forward to the Quiz Club semifinal!

    Mr Slade – Deputy Headmaster

  4. LBHS Inspirational Speakers: Dr Arora, Mindfulness and Medicine

    On Wednesday 22 February, former LBHS pupil, Dr Arora, mum of Oli 3B and Ina 3M, came into junior assembly to speak to us.

    Dr Arora is a GP who is a passionate advocate of combining science with a holistic approach to medicine – looking for both physical and emotional issues which could be causing us to feel unwell. She told us how she loves her job because she never knows who is going to walk into her surgery and enjoys helping patients get better.

    In order to diagnose the problem, Dr Arora first takes the patient’s history, then examines them and perhaps arranges some tests. If she doesn’t find a physical reason, she has to explore whether there is an emotional issue causing the problem. Here, she stressed the important link between physical and emotional health and how both need to be in balance as one affects the other. She then shared with us her fantastic ‘F List’:

    1. Forget it! Let go of the stress or worry.
    2. Focus on you! Stop, breathe, let your worries float away
    3. Food and fluids – eat healthily, drink lots of water.
    4. Fun! Enjoy your hobbies – read, dance, play Lego, X Box, paint, draw, play

       music – do what makes you happy.

    The F List allows us to take responsibility for our own health and leads to self-belief and empowerment; we should learn to love ourselves because we are worth it and do not have to be perfect. After some examples of two patients who had been helped by the F List, the children had time to ask questions. Both children and staff were most impressed by Dr Arora and her invaluable advice. So, whenever you are worried or stressed, get out Dr Arora’s F List and watch your physical and mental health improve! We would like to thank Dr Arora immensely for her invaluable life lessons and for taking the time out of her busy schedule to come into Lady Barn.

    Mrs J Flynn  – AGT Coordinator



  5. Jack’s AGT History Challenge Propaganda Film

    Well done to Jack, from 6F, who responded to his Year Six AGT History Challenge with an ingenious English Civil War propaganda film. The whole family contributed to Jack’s film, it is quite an achievement!

    Jack is clearly a very gifted actor and has recently starred in a local theatrical production. He certainly shows his talent in his home-produced film. Once again, well done to Jack. His example will undoubtedly inspire other pupils.

    Click below to open a PDF document to see Jack’s task.

    Year Six – AGT History Challenge – Civil war


    The AGT work going on across the school is fantastic and is a credit to Mrs Flynn’s vision, AGT Coordinator, and the expertise and dedication of Lady Barn staff. Currently, we have all sorts of initiatives up and running, e.g.’Thinker of the Week’, ‘Subject Challenges’, ‘LBHS Research Award’ and the recent AGT Mandarin Day.


  6. LBHS House Swimming Gala

    The gala was a resounding success of enabling every pupil to represent their house on an afternoon of high energy and endeavour. The atmosphere was buzzing as many parents found the time to come and support their children in the packed gallery. The pupils made the event visually attractive through posters and house coloured t-shirts. It had all the ingredients of excitement and fun.

    After 61 races in two hours, there were many impressive individual and collective performances. The final score came down to the very last race of the programme. Overall, only three points separated the eventual winners. Many congratulations to everyone involved, including staff and parents, for making this year’s gala a memorable event.

    1st 324 points – SCOTT

    2nd 321 points – BONNER

    3rd 298 points – HERFORD & JENKIN JONES


    Mr Pietkiewicz – Head of PE & Boys’ Games

  7. ISA North Regional 5-a-side Tournament

    The journey began again in Grimsby, to qualify for the National tournament in March. As defending National Champions, the current group of boys were entering the competition with a great deal of pride.

    Seven group games for both squads ensured plenty of competitive football. LBHS B team finished 5th in their group and progressed to the play off game which they convincingly won 4-1.

    LBHS A team were group winners and secured a place in the Nationals. The proceeding semi final and third and fourth play off matches ended in heartache, with two penalty shoot out defeats. Despite this, it showed just how close we pushed our opponents and in some cases, dominated in both games. However, even though the boys were initially disappointed, we were delighted to reach the National finals day.

    May I add just how well the pupils represented the school on and off the pitch. They thoroughly enjoyed the day and played with confidence and creativity. We scored a combined total of 35 goals. A most enjoyable day out!

    Mr Pietkiewicz – Head of PE & Boys’ Games

We have now re-opened our doors to all year groups, whilst continuing to provide remote learning alongside our in-school provision. Thank you to our pupils, parents and staff for their support during this unprecedented time. We are still welcoming Admissions enquiries for September 2020 and beyond, via email to Mrs Lachevre: or telephone 0161 359 7241.