Lady Barn House School

Jun 2017

  1. Kent Cricket Tour 2017

    The trip to Canterbury was a huge success. The boys’ cricket development accelerated hugely over the three days.

    Despite the results not going our way, Lady Barn were always in with a chance of winning all three matches. Mr Slade, Mr Kingdom and I saw huge progress on the field of play. The boys were so enthusiastic to improve their skills and gave their all for the team.

    In fact, cricket can sometimes be won by a few individuals. However, this tour was very special, as the boys generated an unbelievable team spirit which was driven the group. That spirit was endorsed by the amazing parental support which generated huge encouragement from the sidelines.







    The combination of teamwork and improvements made by every pupil will be my abiding memories of the tour. I hope the boys and parents have fantastic memories of a truly outstanding three days.

    Mr Pietkiewicz – Head of PE & Boys’ Games

    *Just as a footnote to this report, thank you so much to Mr Pietkiewitz for organising such a tremendous trip, which was heartily enjoyed by all pupils, parents and staff alike. The camaraderie of the boys was hugely impressive, they were all exceptional ambassadors for the School. Finally, thank you to the parent supporters, the best yet!

    Mr Slade – Deputy Headmaster

  2. Inspirational Speaker – Gary O’Driscoll

    On Friday 9th June, we welcomed Gary O’Driscoll, the uncle of Paddy (6B) and Sophie (4Y), together with their grandparents to junior assembly. Gary has been Head of the Medical Dept at Arsenal FC for the past 8 years, having worked with both much less famous football teams and the Irish rugby team. Gary’s key messages of self-belief, hard work, working as a team with others and learning basic life-saving skills had all played a major role in his own success – Gary tried to convince us that he had been lucky but we could see that he’d made his own luck! Gary had not known what he wanted to do until he decided to combine his twin passions for sport and medicine. His favourite part of the job is ‘Match Day’ when he feels both excited and nervous, excited for Arsenal to win but nervous about potential injuries. Gary stressed the importance of teamwork, taking risks and learning from mistakes. The children (and staff) were rapt and were treated to a brilliant powerpoint with photos of famous footballers and video clips. The session concluded with some fabulous questions, as usual, coming from the children. ‘Who inspired you?’ Answer: ‘My father and grandfather because of their hard work, their role in saving the lives of others and their ambition.’ After singing Paddy and Sophie’s granny a rousing ‘Happy Birthday’, we returned to class both inspired and uplifted and ready to take Gary’s advice to achieve our dreams. We owe Gary an enormous thank you for taking time out of his busy schedule to be one of our wonderful Inspirational Speakers.

  3. Harry – Headmaster for the Day!

    Lady Barn House School pupil Harry Youell turned the tables on the big boss Mark Turner when he was headmaster for the day… and he made sure he made the experience count.

    There were five extra minutes on playtime, it was a non uniform day and all the children had hot chocolate at break. He even handed out merit badges to the teachers in assembly, as they duly lined up to have gold stars pressed onto their lapels. “Most of them have been good and deserved a little reward,” he graciously deemed.

    But nine-year-old Harry, whose parents bought the one off prize at auction at the Cheadle independent school’s glamorous annual diner dance at Mere Country Club, wasn’t about to be a soft touch either.

    He added: “After assembly one of the teachers came up to me and asked as they had been so good whether they could have an extra day off, so I thought about it and said, ‘True you have been very good and thank you for all you have done for the school, but there is quite a long summer holiday coming up, so the answer is no.”

    Harry, who wants to be sports journalist, also had a whole school photograph commissioned and made sure each year group wore a different themed colour so they could be picked out in the group shot. Pupils gave £2.00 each for the privilege which will be donated to the ‘We Love Manchester’ charity appeal. Harry’s own year group dressed in red and pink.

    Mr Turner, a Cambridge University classicist, said he had made the most of the experience but would not want to repeat the jape.

    “Harry was simply brilliant and took the experience very seriously. He came up with lots of ideas and I thought responded in an appropriate manner when one of my teachers asked for an extra day off. Indeed, I couldn’t have said it better myself. “

    He added: “It’s quite demanding being a pupil, you have to be in the right place at the right time all through the day and at least as Headmaster I have a little bit more leeway to be master of my own destiny.”

    Mr Turner added: “Our parents are wonderful and raised over £20,000 at the dinner dance so we felt it would be a fun idea, but once and once only.”


We have now re-opened our doors to all year groups, whilst continuing to provide remote learning alongside our in-school provision. Thank you to our pupils, parents and staff for their support during this unprecedented time. We are still welcoming Admissions enquiries for September 2020 and beyond, via email to Mrs Lachevre: or telephone 0161 359 7241.