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Y1 Paired Guided Reading

Finding My Way - Infants

Lady Barn’s 5 to 7-year-olds are housed in the Richard Stone building.

Throughout our Infant Department, our specialist team ensure that our pupils have the tools to embrace their learning with confidence.  

To facilitate a smooth transition from Reception into Year 1, our staff collaborate closely with the Early Years Department, with a strong focus on pastoral care and exploration to nurture confidence, self-esteem, and an enquiring mind. The dynamic curriculum is delivered through carefully planned continuous provision in our newly refurbished, bespoke learning areas. The continuous provision opportunities are linked to various areas of the classroom and are available for the children to access every day, enabling children to learn independently without the need of constant adult intervention. Weekly challenges focus on the needs of the individual children, and adult led group activities are planned to facilitate progress in the fundamental skills of reading, writing, problem solving and understanding number. 


As the children progress through Year 1, the lesson delivery is adapted to support the more independent style of learning present in Year 2 and beyond. The introduction of more Subject Specialist led lessons provide opportunities for children to experience a broad-ranging, innovative curriculum.  



Year 1 

Year 2 

Form Teacher 

English, Humanities, Maths, PSHEE, Religious Education, Science, Woodland School 


English, Humanities, Maths, PSHEE, Religious Education 


Subject Specialist 

Art, Computing, Drama, Mandarin, Music, PE 

Art, Computing, Drama, Mandarin, Music, PE, Science, Woodland School 




Opportunities abound at Lady Barn.  Throughout the academic year, the children take part in a vast array of trips, visits and exciting extra-curricular experiences, including Eureka, a one night residential in Year 2, cooking, yoga, street dance, sewing, singing, mindfulness, Lego, role play and games, to name but a few.  


Our Infant children are enthusiastic about their learning, always eager to come to School and make the most of all the opportunities which come their way.  They are happy and fulfilled individuals, who are ready to fly into the Juniors when the time comes. 


We would love your child to join us on our journey of discovery, opportunity, and success!