Upper Juniors 2

Making My Mark - Upper Juniors

The Upper Junior Department (Years 5 & 6) is an exciting and vibrant place where children and teachers share a love of learning. The achievements and aspirations of all the children are placed at the centre of everything we plan and do. The pupils are prepared thoroughly for the move to senior schools by being given greater independence within a caring and supportive environment.

Skilled Teachers

Our departmental team consists of a hugely committed and skilled team of teachers. We are fortunate to have teachers with a passion for teaching children and their subjects. There are six form teachers who lead children through Years 5 and 6 in a two-year cycle.

Caring Approach

There is a great focus on the pastoral side of school life. The teachers ensure that every child receives the best help, care and attention. We understand that a positive, respectful and trusting relationship between teacher and child is crucial to ensuring the pupil’s development and success. Having the familiarity of the same form teacher for two years means that there is invaluable continuity between the work in Year 5 and the preparation for the entrance examinations in Year 6. Over the two years, the children grow in confidence and exude happiness during their experience in the Upper Juniors. We openly celebrate their successes in frequent Merit Assemblies.

Encouraging A Good Work Ethic

Classes are organised on a mixed ability basis and children are taught according to their individual needs. Each class has a double period of both English and Maths most days, which is delivered by the form teacher. The school believes that children should be enabled to achieve a good grounding in these core subjects, in addition to gaining the benefits of a broad and balanced curriculum. We offer extra challenge for all abilities and support those children who need reinforcement of certain concepts.

Teachers plan collaboratively as a team and frequently discuss the learning experiences that children receive to ensure a cohesive approach and one that draws on all their combined experience. We closely monitor the children’s progress and establish good communication links with parents.

Independence And Taking The Next Step

In the Upper Juniors, we aim to prepare the children fully for secondary school. We do this by encouraging independence, organisation and self-motivation. This begins in Year 5, where the children can apply for roles such as Librarian and continue to bid to represent the various School Councils.

In Year 6, the children become prefects and assume specific roles of responsibility in all areas of the School. They are our ambassadors at Open Events and are encouraged to be role models for the younger children. We offer an exciting, ever-evolving post-exam curriculum and the children can select from a variety of modules that various teachers from across the School offer to broaden their learning and interests even further.

Exciting Trips, Visitors And Clubs

There are many exciting moments and experiences to savour in the final two years at Lady Barn. Children have the opportunity to visit France and the Lake District on residential visits.  Children enjoy a great variety of experiences from dressing up for World Book Day to sharing time with our Reception children in shared Reading Buddy sessions. They also participate in interactive drama sessions with The Young Shakespeare Company. The Year 6 production is always a highlight of the year, when, under the supervision and creative genius of Mrs Drennan, every child participates in a dramatic and musical performance.

There are many clubs and activities that teachers run for the Upper Junior children, which is testament to the enthusiasm of the children to try new things and the commitment and drive of the staff here.