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Sport For All

Physical Education at Lady Barn is much more than just physical activity. Pupils embark on a journey which allows their learning to develop and grow.

Our department philosophy acknowledges how vital and important it is to ‘develop the whole child’. We aim to achieve this through a curriculum which is fully inclusive, vibrant and provides challenge through active learning. We place an early emphasis on fundamental movement skills and nurture the development of physical literacy. These foundations are paramount and provides the essential skills for the child to engage in a range of activities with confidence.

The balance of teaching PE concepts and sports skills, is the underlying aspect of our quality PE provision at Lady Barn. The curriculum explores a wide range of sports to enthuse and introduce pupils to new experiences. It is through different sports, we explore empathy towards each other, a sense of belonging, self-acceptance, core values, leadership and skills that are transferable for life. The pupils become knowledgeable about health, fitness, nutrition and their wellbeing.

The PE Department places the child in the centre of learning. We are determined to provide experiences which prepare the pupil for their future. Our intentions are to develop a desire to be a lifelong learner and to choose active and healthy lifestyles.