Provision for all needs

At Lady Barn House School, we pride ourselves on putting the child at the centre of learning.

This is especially important when encountering and providing resources for learning differences. We hope that the following information will help you to understand what Lady Barn has to offer to those children with Special Educational Needs, including those with high academic potential.

At Lady Barn, we recognise that children learn in different ways and at different rates. Factors impacting academic attainment can be multifaceted and, with some of our most gifted pupils also managing specific learning difficulties, we prefer to take a holistic approach to these challenges.

Rather than pigeon hole individuals, we put in place programmes of support which enable pupils to reach their potential, whatever that might be.

As such, we have 2 members of staff responsible for taking care of the needs of our pupils, who advise teachers and liaise with parents as and when needed.