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Our Lady Barn Journey

We both became members of Lady Barn in Nursery, starting our learning journey.

We learned through play, with things such as sand and water. Once in Reception, we started to learn to read and how to add and take off numbers. In the latter part of the year, we thoroughly enjoyed reading with the Year Sixes and getting to know them. It made us feel very special!

A highlight of Lady Barn is the fantastic residentials. We’ve been rock climbing, abseiling and canoeing. The students have delicious food and they get to spend the night with their friends! The whole school absolutely loves camp because they get to play games with their peers in a place that has many great activities.

At the start of Year 3, we are assigned one of the four houses: JJ, Bonner, Herford or Scott. You can get house points for good behaviour, class contribution or sporting events. At the start of the Juniors, clubs and other activities start such as choir, ensemble, private music lessons, construction club and languages club. There are also many other sports clubs. At Lady Barn, if you think it, we will have it!

In the last two years of Lady Barn, children work very hard in the lead up to our entrance exams, but there are many rewards such as going on fun trips like the South Coast and France. In Year 5 we learnt all the different skills to do our exams and to work quickly and in Year 6, we worked hard to prepare for them. After that, we had so much fun and did so much collaborative learning. Every day, we all looked forward to practising for the production, going on trips and having fun with our friends for the very last time.

We have enjoyed Lady Barn so much. It has helped us become who we are: kind and respectful young people who love learning. We both feel privileged to be at such an amazing school!

Jai and Rani, Head Boy and Head Girl, 2020-2021

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