“The limits of my language are the limits of my world”. Ludwig Wittgenstein


Literacy and communication are key skills and it is our aim that pupils develop these skills so that they can communicate effectively and creatively through the spoken word and written language. From this flows an appreciation of language and literature, combined with an enthusiasm for and awareness of the rich tapestry that is the English language.

In the Early Years and Infants many of the key English skills are taught through the ‘Read, Write, Inc’ programme which aims to instil a love of reading and writing through a stimulating environment.  This enables each pupil to progress in reading and writing letter sounds at a pace that is suitable for the individual, and thereby decode efficiently and write with growing confidence. 

Every day all pupils have a literacy or an English lesson of around 1 hour. We also encourage the transfer of skills learnt in English to other curriculum subjects, promoting cross-curricular links in addition to providing opportunities for our pupils to write for different purposes, communicating with a range of audiences.  We aim to nurture each individual pupil’s creative abilities in order to produce work that is unique and that the child is proud of.  

At Lady Barn, we inspire a love of learning through many creative activities and stimuli from outside visits from authors, theatre companies and studying a range of texts. Through our Junior Library, Infant Library and class libraries we develop the enjoyment of reading, to inspire and develop skills of enquiry and creativity.

For our passionate English lovers, there are plenty of extra-curricular opportunities in the form of book clubs, the debating society and our own Lady Barn Life magazine written and edited by the Upper Juniors.

Lady Barn Life