“Every child is an artist. The problem is remaining an artist when we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso


Our principal aim is to create an environment where all pupils feel inspired and excited to explore and develop a range of new Art skills.  Art & Design is a subject where there are no wrong answers.  It deals with the sense of vision in a way that no other subject can. The Art department at Lady Barn is a highly creative environment where the pupils' individuality is celebrated and developed.


Housed in a purpose-built, bright, spacious and well-equipped classroom; the pupils' experience drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics and sculpture.

From Year 1 (age 5-6) Art is taught by our specialist Head of Art, Design & Technology. The children are encouraged to develop a range of skills including observing, recording and communicating whilst using a wide range of media and techniques. We aim to encourage independent learning by nurturing creativity and imagination. The curriculum is sometimes thematic-based and supports learning in other subject areas.

As the pupils progress through the school they are given the opportunity to experiment and explore Art and Design using a range of media and techniques in both two and three dimensions. They build on the knowledge learnt in the Infant department, developing their observing, recording and visual communication skills.

As their confidence grows they are encouraged to take more risks with the emphasis firmly on the individual, nurturing their artistic and experimental growth.  These skills are developed alongside an understanding of both historic and contemporary art practice.