“We must all do theatre to find out who we are and to discover who we could become.”

Augusto Boal


At Lady Barn, Drama lessons aim to inspire and excite by exploring the worlds of storytelling and imagination. They build confidence, creative thinking and communication skills. The lessons also encourage our children to explore new ideas and perspectives, developing their self-awareness, empathy and understanding of others.  



Children from Years 2-6 enjoy weekly drama lessons with a specialist teacher.  

The Drama Curriculum is shaped around three strands: Creating, Performing and Responding. Lessons involve an exciting variety of activities including mime, freeze-framing, hot-seating, physical theatre, drama games, performance poetry, exploring scripts. The children also devise, write and perform monologues and group scenes. Drama lessons are a wonderful opportunity to learn in different ways. 

Musical productions involving whole year groups, such as our shows at Christmas and the end of Yr 6, enable all children to experience the excitement and focus of performing. This helps them develop initiative and take individual responsibility, whilst enjoying contributing as part of a team. Our annual Poetry Recital Festival, which includes everyone in Years 2-6, is another fun opportunity to build confidence through performance.  

Extra-curricular activities extend the Performing Arts experience at Lady Barn, with lower and upper school Drama clubs, speech lessons preparing for LAMDA examinations, and dance lessons giving a choice of either ballet or Street dance.