Mary Poppins March 2022


“Education isn't just about feeding the brain. Art and music feed the heart and soul.”

Julie Garwood


Music is a powerful means of communication.  It brings people together and creates opportunities to work with one another using a language that transcends barriers, offering the opportunity to perform informally and formally and as a soloist or a member of a larger musical ensemble.  Above all, it allows those who participate to give of themselves, grow in confidence and communicate their enthusiasm with others.


Music is a vibrant and exciting subject at Lady Barn. The children have weekly lessons with a specialist teacher from Reception upwards in a specially equipped room. There is a strong emphasis on practical music making, collaboration and fun!

In the Early Years and Infant departments singing is central to our curriculum and through this activity the children gain confidence for individual and group performances. We listen to lots of different musical styles and add instruments and actions to many of our songs. We have a whole year group performance once a year in these departments which involve singing, acting and dancing!

As the children progress into the Junior department they learn to read music notation and play the electronic keyboard. They compose with confidence and explore lots of different musical styles….and we still do lots of singing! The work here is further enhanced by the opportunity to learn an individual instrument in school with our visiting specialist teachers.  We have many musical ensembles in school including choirs, orchestra, recorder, flute and string groups. We also have our own Music Theatre club for those who enjoy performing on stage. All our work is showcased in numerous concerts and performances throughout the year and lots of children take external music exams on their chosen instruments to great success.

Our music making brings us together as a school and there is a great emphasis on involvement for all. This finally culminates in a fantastic Year 6 production of a musical before our oldest children move on to pastures new.