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‘When I started gymnastics at school I didn’t realise I would go this far.  I just thought it would be a lunchtime club but last year we qualified for the Nationals and competed for the NW of England.’

Arlo, Year 6 Gymnastics Captain.

Gymnastics at Lady Barn is a sport for all, girls and boys.  With our specialist equipment, we are able to teach gymnastics in lessons to every year group, developing key motor skills, balance and core strength. 

For those who want to do more, there are lunchtime or after school clubs, awards and certificates to recognise endeavour and achievement and opportunities to participate in gymnastics displays and performances. 

Those children with exceptional talent are identified and encouraged to develop their skills within specialist squads.  There are opportunities to participate in competitive gymnastics at elite and novice levels and we regularly win medals at North West and national events.