School Council

Our School Council illustrates democracy in action for all our pupils, by giving them a collective voice and an opportunity to make a real difference to the way they experience school life. It also gives interested pupils a chance to be elected to represent their peers and to hold a position of responsibility: an experience which develops their self-confidence, communication and problem solving skills.

One pupil from every class in Year 2 to 6 is elected at the start of each school year, following democratic elections involving speeches and a secret ballot. Pupils cannot sit on the council two years running, to support the diversity of voices on the council, and children are encouraged during elections to make good choices reflecting the qualities candidates have shown in their speeches.

The best councillors are kind, patient and observant; they speak up for people who may be too shy to make their own voice heard; they are good listeners who will respect the views of others and represent fairly the feelings of all their classmates.

We meet half termly, under the guidance of an adult and a Year Six prefect representative, to discuss ideas and problems raised by children in different classes or to fulfil special duties asked of us by the school, such as drafting our new Anti-Bullying Charter. Council members are then responsible for carrying out any suggestions that have been agreed during a meeting, including taking issues to the relevant member of staff.

Our mission is to make Lady Barn House School the safest, happiest place it can be for everybody to grow, learn and achieve.