PE & Games

“Mens sana in corpore sano” (a sound mind in a healthy body)



Physical Education at Lady Barn is much more than just physical activity. Pupils embark on a journey which allows their learning to develop and grow.

Our philosophy acknowledges how vital it is to ‘develop the whole child’ which we achieve this through a curriculum which is fully inclusive, vibrant and provides challenge through active learning.

Through different sports we explore empathy towards each other, a sense of belonging, a competitive spirit that can both win and lose with grace, leadership and teamwork skills that are transferable for life.

We are determined to provide experiences which help our pupils to have a positive attitude towards physical activity and to choose active and healthy lifestyles.


We place an early emphasis on fundamental movement skills and nurture the development of physical literacy. These foundations are paramount and provides the essential skills for the child to engage in a range of activities with confidence.

We have a wealth of sports facilities at Lady Barn, offering excellent opportunities for all pupils throughout the school. These include two modern astro-turf pitches and an indoor gymnasium.

A comprehensive Games programme complements our all-inclusive philosophy and encourages all pupils to try something new and develop their talents. 

From Nursery (aged 3-4) , the children benefit from specialist teaching in all aspects of Games and Physical Education. Sports lessons are taught specifically from Year 2 and opportunities for involvement in teams and matches against other schools start at Year 3.

Girls and boys explore athletics, cricket, cross-country running, football, hockey, netball and rounders. Our Enrichment programme allows for pupil choice, to participate in contrasting activities in addition to their Games lessons, including such sports as Judo and fencing.

For a full list of sport fixtures, times and locations please visit our Lady Barn sports website:

Lady Barn Sports Website