Lady Barn House School

Term Dates

Please find below term dates for 2018 – 2020.

Autumn Term 2018 2019
Staff Inset Day Tue 3 Sept 9.00 am
Staff Inset Day Wed 4 Sept 9.00 am
Term Commences Thu 5 Sept 8.40 am
Half Term Break Up Fri 18 Oct 3.25 pm
Mon 28 Oct 8.40 am
Term Ends Wed 19 Dec Wed 18 Dec NOON
Spring Term 2019 2020
Staff Inset Day Mon 7 Jan Mon 6 Jan 9.00 am
Term Commences Tue 8 Jan Tue 7 Jan 8.40 am
Half Term Break Up Fri 15 Feb Fri 7 Feb 3.25 pm
Return Mon 25 Feb Mon 17 Feb 8.40 am
Term Ends Fri 5 Apr Thu 26 Mar NOON
Summer Term
Staff Inset Day Tue 23 April Tue 14 Apr 9.00 am
Term Commences Wed 24 April Wed 15 Apr 8.40 am
May Day Mon 6 May Mon 4 May Closed
Half Term Break Up Fri 24 May Fri 22 May 3.25 pm
Return Mon 10 June Mon 8 June 8.40 am
Term Ends Wed 10 July Fri 10 July NOON

Leave of Absence

In line with national expectations, all absences require consent from the School.  In this instance, please send a letter to the Head, ideally with at least a week’s notice.  It is in the interest of pupils not to ask for leave from school in term time, except in an emergency or in particularly extenuating circumstances.  This arrangement applies not only to holidays, but also to routine medical and dental appointments.  We always appreciate cooperation in this respect.

Please note that some secondary schools are now requesting a record of attendance as part of their admissions process for Year 7 pupils.

Religious Observance

On a day set for religious observance by a religious body to which the pupil’s parents belong, authorisation for absence will invariably be given automatically.  If the exact date of the observance is unknown at the time of writing, please indicate this on your letter and confirm the pupil’s absence on the morning itself.


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